The organizers of this conference want to express their gratitude to Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska for the the many hours and almost endless effort that she put into creating this wiki for the benefit of the teachers who participated in the conference. Linda's efforts was not limited just to creating this wiki but included emailing hundreds of teachers, communicating with teachers, learning about teachers and supporting/identifying teachers who came to give presentations. Linda also created all the material that was used in the teacher workshops for this conference and gave pre-conference workshop for teachers who served as assistant to other teachers. Her work could be a model for the success of future GeoGebra conferences that include workshops for teachers.

Linda F-S and Tim Fahlberg want to thank Dani Novak for deciding to hold this conference and then for working tirelessly and through thick and thin to organize the conference and most especially to contact and coordinate the wonderful plenary speakers and workshop /working group leaders and members of the GeoGebra team who came to the Conference. They showed and helped us learn so many different things, but most importantly their joy in their work and in being in the GeoGebra community was so inspiring. We thank them, but it was Dani that brought them together and for this we are especially grateful.