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Six Miles Creek
Six Miles Creek

Ithaca is a small city of about 30,000 people. Some of you may enjoy nature and would like to use this conference to rejuvenate your spirit and soul. Ithaca is a perfect place for that. There are places to jog and walk for miles. Ithaca is surrounded by parks, lakes and waterfalls.

The two parks closest to Ithaca College are Six Miles Creek (~15 minutes walk from IC) and Buttermilk Falls State Park (30 minutes walk or 5 minutes car ride from IC). Here is a link to the map of this park: The closest access point from Ithaca College is the Upper Park entrance and one of the most beautiful walks that take about 45 minutes is to go down the Rim Trail and go up the Gorge Trail. If you have more time you can also go around the lake.

Six Miles Creek is more “wild” than Buttermilk Park and there is 2(+) miles recreational walk ways with trails leading down the gorge and two lakes.

If you like culture, people and small stores then Ithaca Commons is for you. It is about 25 minute walk from Ithaca College down the hill and you cannot miss it is you just walk down. There is also bus service from down town every 30 minutes on the hour and the same bus goes back from Ithaca College about 15 minutes later (on the hour).

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