Workshop Participant List

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Linda F-S
Tony Cron
David Brown
Doug Kuhlmann
Tim Fahlberg
Mike Beutner
Michael Borcherds
Dani Novak
Terry Gastauer
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Aragon Mardell
Baer John
Berryere Deborah
Braun Diana
Bujak Edward (virtual)
Byrne Heather
Cocca Tony
Cochran Lisa
Cole Ray
Dallemagne Katherine
Danskin Susan
Edwards Sheryl
Eicke Ariane
Evrard Claire
Falidas Maria (virtual)
Fujimori Maureen
Gilbert Kathy
Gillen Kate (virtual)
Gulsecen Sevinc
Hallas David
Houseknecht Ashley
Husted Terri
Jirkovsky Mary
Kelly Karen
Lacey Janet
Lachapelle Betsy
Larcom Pam
Litman Sheila
Lewin Georg
Merkel Mary
Miller Brian
Miller Christy
Mohamed Stephanie
Nee Elizabeth
Noyes Todd
Owens Paul
Patterson Connie
Pianella Nick
Poon Remy
Reynders Cindy
Richard Angela
Romer Evan
Schettino Carmel
Scott Kim
Scott Michael
Sevey Brian
Sitts Allison
Steffen Ken
Stein Melanie
Street Paul
Tamotsu Elizabeth (virtual)
Taylor Jane
Tsourounakis Anthony
Valdez Ana
Vasicek Mark
Vesneske Monika
Vollweiler Eleanore
Weissburg Steve
Williams Cheryl
Wist Denise

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