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    Official WebsiteThe GeoGebra  Institute of GII
    What's New?
    Major Events
    Elluminate - Online Workshops
    Ithaca Mission
     GeoGebra is a free software that can help students understand Mathematics in a meaningful way.  We are one of many GeoGebra Institutes around the world that are committed to help teachers integrate GeoGebra into their teaching. mathematics.  We provide free on line and 1-1 training and will provide certificates for teachers who want it and complete the training.
    Currently we provide two levels for training that conform to the general guidelines of the International GeoGebra Institute

    GeoGebra - NAUser Training:  This typically requires a few days of learning and we currently use the 3 Teacher Workshops that were created by Linda Stojanovska to train teachers in the 2010 GeoGebra Conference in Ithaca.  Typically, a teachers who wants to attain the User Certificate needs to contact Dani Novak at (replace the xx with @) ), study the workshop and Workshopsschedule a brief interview/test with Dani.
    GeoGebra Expert Training:  This requires an expert proficiency in GeoGebra and every student will be treated on an individual basis.  Our vision is to train teachers who will be expert and willing to help other teachers and continue spreading the beautiful way of learning mathematics for the benefit of many students.  Typically a teacher who want to go through this training will create a google document which will be shared with a GeoGebra Trainer  who will help the student to achieve the required proficiency.
    Please contact Dani Novak at for more information

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